UV floor Coating System

Your commercial wood floor will be refurbished in record time thanks to UV floor coating system!

UV floor coating system for commercial floors

Serving Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pointe-Claire, Kirkland and the entire West Island, EXP SURFACES offers hardwood floor sanding, varnishing and record time curing services for businesses and institutional buildings.

When your commercial floor needs to be refurbished, you must have it done very quickly so you don't have to shut down your operations for more than a day. The solution? The UV floor curable coating system, which only takes a few hours to complete (depending on the surface area). After sanding and varnishing, we instantly cure the varnish with a UV ray curing machine. The floor surface can therefore be immediately rearranged and used.

Our hardwood floor sanding and varnishing process with UV cured field applied coatings is perfectly suited for businesses such as restaurants, bars, boutiques and professional offices. We work fast on site using the same type of equipment that is used to dry prefinished wood slats in the factory.

The UV floor curable coating system: for instant drying of the varnish

You are hesitant about having your commercial wood flooring sanded and varnished because you are afraid that the drying time will be too long? The UV floor coating system means you don't have to close your business for long (a one-day period is enough, depending on the surface area) since the whole process can be completed quickly.

Depending on the degree of wear and scratches, cracks and dents, the sanding will be more or less intensive. We will then apply an ultra-resistant varnish to the finish you have chosen (matt, satin or semi-gloss). We will finally use our UV varnish coating equipment, which will cure and harden the varnish almost instantly. In fact, instead of waiting for the recommended 24 hours for the varnish to dry and the following days to harden, the varnished surface dries and hardens instantly. It's the ultraviolet light device that does all the work!

Contact us for information on the UV floor coating system

Contact our specialists for ultra-fast refurbishment of commercial hardwood flooring at 514 507-5530. The EXP SURFACES team serves the entire West Island for fast commercial floor sanding and varnishing services, and ultra-fast curing with the UV floor coating system.
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