Hardwood Flooring Installation

Have your hardwood floors installed by experts.

Hardwood floor Installation

In Pointe-Claire, as well as in Kirkland, but also in Dollard-des-Ormeaux and on the West Island, EXP SURFACES offers customized hardwood floor installation services (as well as engineered wood or floating flooring). Our services are offered to residential, commercial and institutional customers.

You must first find the wood floor species that you are in search of (cherry, maple, oak, imported exotic wood species, etc.). Then, our team will expertly install the slats of your hardwood floor to perfection. After the installation, we will varnish your floor with an ultra-resistant water-based product, with the finish you will have chosen. We could also stain (semi-transparent wood stain), your hardwood floor to the color of your choice, if you so desire, before varnishing it. Finally, another option is to use hardwood floor oil instead of varnish. Your choice is the only limit and your satisfaction is our goal!

Hardwood floor installation must be done by experts to garanty a flawless and durable result. The EXP SURFACES team ensures perfect installation down to the last detail. We respect the manufacturer's standards when installing hardwood floor and we work with meticulous care. We take pride in doing a good job!

Hardwood floor installation steps

Several steps must be followed to ensure that your hardwood floor is properly installed: first, checking that the subfloor is made of wood because you can' t install hardwood slats on concrete or cement (you can only do this with engineered wood or floating flooring); then, be sure that the subfloor is firmly fixed, leveled (in compliance with RBQ standards) and smooth; you must also vacuum thoroughly over the wooden subfloor to remove any dust and small debris; following this step, a felt paper must be installed over the whole subfloor; finally, when installing the slats, we make sure that each one is in excellent condition and we leave a small gap near the walls for the slats to expand and retract because of humidity or changes in temperature.

To install hardwood floors, we use highly-performed fastening tools and accessories.

Maintenance plan for new hardwood floors

You have just purchased your new property or you have just installed your new hardwood floors? Regular maintenance of your floor will allow you to keep it in good condition for many years to come. Contact us for more information on our maintenance plan, which will protect your investment for long term. Get a copy of the ECO-SURFACES maintenance plan by email.

Contact us for a hardwood flooring installation

Contact EXP SURFACES at 514 507-5530 for an impeccable and durable hardwood floor installation. Our team travels to every city on the West Island and offers a free quote.
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