Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Sanding-free process to refurbish your prefinished hardwood flooring.

Prefinished hardwood floor refinishing

Serving Kirkland, but also Pointe-Claire, and Dollard-des-Ormeaux, as well as the West Island, EXP SURFACES offers sanding-free hardwood floor refinishing services. Our unique process in Canada, called ECO-BUFF, allows us to refurbish prefinished floors that can' t be sanded, or hardwood floors that have already been sanded and refurbished too often to be sanded again.

ECO-BUFF is a unique refinishing and dust free system designed for all types of prefinished hardwood floors.Refinishing is done in a single day and is 50% cheaper than traditional sanding! The ECO-BUFF system extends the floor's lifespan, which helps to maintain its value.

Prefinished wood flooring (solid wood ¾, engineered and floating hardwood flooring), used in recent homes and condos, is treated to ensure that its finish is ultra-resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. It preserves the flooring's natural beauty and prevents discoloration and premature deterioration. Unfortunately, this protective finish makes it difficult, if not impossible, to refurbish this type of prefinished flooring. Furthermore, some engineered or floating flooring have a layer of wood too thin on the surface to be sanded.

EXP SURFACES has therefore developed an efficient prefinished hardwood floor refinishing system. Our EXP SURFACES hardwood floor ECO-BUFF refinishing system is sanding free and therefore dust-free. The process removes scratches and wear marks on your prefinished hardwood flooring to restore its original beauty. It is a fast, efficient and risk-free way to restore a floor to its original condition and give it the desired finish (matt, satin or semi-gloss).

Steps in the prefinished floor refinishing process

The refinishing of prefinished wood flooring is carried out in 4 steps:


After vacuuming, the prefinished wood floor is sprayed with our EXP SURFACES hardwood floor cleaner, a degreaser that meets environmental standards and is safe for children and pets.


The autoscrubber brush, specifically designed for wood flooring, removes grease and stubborn dirt that has accumulated over the years.

Applying EXP SURFACES product

A coat of our EXP SURFACES bound agent is applied with a special sponge pad which will allow adhesion between the prefinished flooring and the final coat of finish, which will be applied a few hours later. The product used is water-based and contains very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its low odor dissipates in only a few hours. This product is environmentally friendly (several safety certifications) and safe for your family.

Applying varnish

A varnish with the finish of your choice (matt, satin, semi-gloss) is applied with a roller. You must allow a 24-hour drying period before your return home. 5 days later, the varnish is fully hardened and its protective properties and resistance are at their best.

Why choose the EXP Surfaces hardwood floor ECO-BUFF refinishing system?

See our EXP SURFACES Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Our hardwood floor refinishing system offers many advantages: it doesn't require any sanding (dust-free); the finishing coat (varnish) cures completely in 5 days, but you can return home in only 24 hours; moreover, refinishing your prefinished wood flooring allows you to choose between the 3 finish (matt, satin or semi-gloss) for your refinished floor.

See our EXP SURFACES Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

Contact us for hardwood floor refinishing

Contact us to have your prefinished hardwood flooring refinished at 514 507-5530. The EXP SURFACES team, for a complete hardwood floor refinishing service, serving all West Island cities. Our unique system will protect your floor from scratches and scrapes for you to enjoy for years to come.
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