Hardwood flooring in Rosemère

Our extensive experience in installation, finishing, and refinishing of hardwood floors ensures impeccable results!

Are you looking for a professional team to install and finish your new hardwood floor in Rosemère? Or who can sand and varnish your current floor? Then you've come to the right place!

EXP SURFACES has nearly 40 years of experience in installing and finishing hardwood floors in residential, commercial, and institutional settings (municipal and government buildings, schools, etc.). We also repair hardwood floors.

When you choose our team, you can be sure that the installation will meet your expectations. We respect the RBQ standards and we use the best tools and fixing accessories available on the market (Primatech company). Whether you choose birch, maple, oak, or an imported wood species, we will be pleased to install them according to the rules of the trade.

Floor sanding and finishing

EXP SURFACES also offers floor sanding and finishing services (application of a stain, varnish, or oil).

For commercial and institutional floor sanding and varnishing, we do the sanding work and then apply the varnish by drying it with the UV floor system. This is a UV device that cures and hardens the varnish instantly. Businesses can reopen their doors the next business day because the furniture can be put back on the surface right after our intervention.

Floor Refreshment

When a hardwood floor is pre-varnished in the factory, it is usually covered with a protective layer against ultraviolet rays that is practically impossible to remove. We then use our ECO-BUFF floor refinishing system to refurbish it without sanding.

This process eliminates scratches and wear marks and takes only one day to complete. Plus, it costs half the price of sanding/refinishing. It is also possible to refresh engineered or floating wood floors where the top layer is too thin to be sanded.

Maintenance plan for new hardwood floors

If we are installing your new hardwood floor (or if you have just had a wood floor installed by another contractor), our team offers maintenance services regularly. We use high-performance products to thoroughly clean and protect your floor. This maintenance will allow your wood floors to stay beautiful for an extended period, without having to be sanded. Ask for a copy of the ECO-BUFF maintenance plan.

Contact us at 514 507-5530 for more information on our installation, finishing, refinishing, repair, or maintenance services for hardwood floors in Rosemère. The EXP SURFACES team also serves all surrounding areas.
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