Hardwood Floor Sander

Dust-free hardwood floor sanding for residential and commercial properties.

Hardwood floor dust-free sanding

In Kirkland, but also in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pointe-Claire and the West Island cities, EXP SURFACES offers its dust-free floor sanding services as well as varnishing, staining and application of natural oils.

Our team has 35 years experience in dust-free floor sanding and hardwood floor finishing for both residential and commercial/institutional sectors. We use effective methods to sand a very thin layer of your hardwood flooring, removing the yellowish varnish and any scratches as well as dents that may have been caused. We then cover the slats with an ecological varnish including the finish of your choice (matt, satin or semi-gloss).

You will be offered different colors of semi-transparent stain, if this option interests you. Stain is applied under the varnish, which dramatically enhances the final appearance of your floors. You may darken or fade it, and give it a personalized or exotic color. If desired, we can apply hardwood floor oil instead of varnish, which will give a matte and traditional look as well as bring out the veins and grain of your hardwood flooring.

Dust-free floor sanding method

Dust-free floor sanding before installation is the process of sanding the slats with a professional floor sander, which is connected to a powerful vacuum cleaner that sucks up the dust instantly. This ensures that no dust gets into the air or covers your walls, ceilings and surfaces. Sanding is therefore clean and safe for people with dust allergies.

Commercial floor sanding

Your business cannot close for long to sand and varnish wooden floors. The UV floor coating system, for drying and curing the varnish in record time, allows the varnish to dry thanks to a device that diffuses UV rays and cures the varnish instantly. The floor surface can therefore be rearranged and used immediately.

Hardwood floor refinishing

Prefinished wood floors (solid wood ¾, engineered wood floors) are covered with an ultra-resistant varnish that protects against the sun's UV ray. This protective finish makes it almost impossible to sand such flooring. In addition, some engineered floors have a surface layer of wood too thin to be successfully sanded.

EXP SURFACES has therefore developed a system that effectively refinishes prefinished hardwood floors. Our ECO-BUFF floor refinishing system is processed without sanding, yet it restores the original beauty of your floor.

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Contact us at 514 507-5530 to have hardwood floor dust-free sanding, staining, varnishing or oil application.
The EXP SURFACES team travels to all West Island cities.
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