Floor sanding in Lorraine

Give your floor a sumptuous beauty with professional sanding and finishing.

Are you looking for a company that has developed extensive expertise in floor sanding in Lorraine and the surrounding area? EXP SURFACES has been providing superior quality services to residential, commercial, and institutional clients for over 35 years.

Over the years, we have become experts in sanding, finishing, maintenance, repair, and refinishing hardwood floors. We are very proud to be an industry leader in offering a wide range of services and exclusive processes.

Dust-free sanding method

We perform floor sanding without any dust, using a sander which is connected to a vacuum cleaner. We sand lightly to remove only a thin layer of wood. This allows us to remove the varnish and any imperfections.

We then apply, according to your preference, an oil, a varnish or a stain/varnish. A wide variety of stain colours are available. You can even have a custom colour created (by providing a sample).

You can choose the type of varnish finish you prefer: matte, satin or semi-gloss. We can also sand and varnish wooden stairs.

Sanding of commercial floors

For commercial floors, it is possible to do everything in one day and to replace the furniture on the surface the same evening. To do this, we dry the varnish with the UV floor system, which cures instantly. The device emits ultraviolet rays that dry the floor in seconds.

Floor Resurfacing System

EXP SURFACES has become a reference in the flooring field since we have created the EC0-BUFF floor refreshing system, which allows for the restoration of solid wood floors without sanding. These floors are coated with a protective layer against yellowing from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The ECO-BUFF system can also refresh engineered wood floors as well as floating floors, which cannot be sanded since the wood is too thin.

The refreshing is done in one day and is 50% less expensive than a traditional sanding! The ECO-BUFF system extends the beauty and life of your floor.

Trust our professional team to sand your floor in Lorraine. Contact us now at 514 507-5530 for a free quote and to learn more about our services and prices.
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