Floor sanding in Saint-Eustache

Make your floor look like new again with professional sanding and a finish to your taste!

Do you want to have your floors sanded in Saint-Eustache? EXP SURFACES has been providing spectacular and long-lasting floor refinishing results to residential, commercial and institutional clients for over 35 years.

We are also experts in installing hardwood floors in homes, cottages, condos, businesses, gyms and institutional buildings. If you choose to have raw wood strips installed (not prefinished in the factory), we can varnish or oil them impeccably.

Our different services

You can choose to have your hardwood floor sanded or have your factory prefinished floor (whether it is hardwood, engineered wood or floating floor) refreshed without sanding at a lower cost.

To perform this complete refurbishment, our technicians use our exclusive ECO-BUFF floor refreshing system. This system allows us to sand only the imperfections, to pass a special brush (the autoscrubber) that cleans the grease and the encrusted dirt, and then to add a new varnish on the entire floor. Before applying the varnish, we apply our EXP SURFACES product, which allows the new varnish layer to adhere well. The results are the same as with a full sanding, but at 50% of the price!

In terms of floor finishing, our technicians can apply a floor oil, a varnish or a stain followed by a varnish. A wide variety of colors are offered, as well as personalized colors (you just have to provide us with a sample of the color you want). As for the varnish, you can choose a matte, satin or semi-gloss finish. We can also sand and varnish wooden stairs.

If your floors need repair or maintenance, our team also offers these services. In addition, EXP SURFACES has developed a high-performance, environmentally friendly floor cleaner that does not damage wood. You can order it online or we can deliver it to you when we come to refurbish your floor.

You may also have the privilege of the Maintenance Surfaces Canada plan, A smart plan to keep your floors beautiful.
Throughout the 5 years following the purchase of our maintenance plan, you guarantee the beauty of your floor. The plan gives you the right to refresh your floors using our innovative ECO-BUFF system. This plan is payable monthly and renewable every 5 years starting at $25 per month. Here are just a few benefits of the maintenance plan, bring your hardwood floors back to life quickly, 100% dust-free, noise-free, and done within 24 hours. The unique solution for engineered wood floors. This technique is done in 3 steps: deep cleaning of the floor, the application of our ECO-BUFF adhesive, and the application of a high-resistance varnish. The finish of your choice.

Contact us for floor refinishing in Saint-Eustache

Do business with a team of floor finishing experts whose expertise will bring you the results you want. For more information on our hardwood floor sanding or refinishing services (hardwood, engineered wood or floating floors), contact us!

EXP SURFACES technicians travel to Saint-Eustache and all cities in the region! You can reach us at (514) 507-5530 to obtain a free quote.
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