Sandblasting Steps and Ramps

Give your stairs an impeccable and spectacular look!

Staircase and railing finishes

In Pointe-Claire, as well as in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, but also in Kirkland and the West Island cities, EXP SURFACES sands, stains and varnishes or applies oil to stair railings and staircases. Our experts will restore your stairs and railings to a fabulous look that will enhance the appearance of your home.

Stairs and railings are the most frequently used element of your home! It is constantly touched and eventually deteriorates, discolours and loses its beauty. It must therefore be sanded and varnished (and stained, if necessary) at regular intervals.

Sanding of handrail and stairs is not easy to do. Many nooks and crannies and details have to be considered. It is therefore necessary to use the right tools and methods to ensure that sanding is carried out quickly and varnish perfectly applied.

Our technicians are experienced experts in sanding stair railings and refurbishing stairs. They are meticulous, patient and precise. They also know the right varnishes and stains to use to protect and enhance your stairs and railings.

Sanding method for a stair handrailing

Sanding stair handrails and/or stairs is a complex process. It is best to entrust this work to an experienced company. It is easier to sand varnished wood than to strip paint. In both cases, all the small spaces must be sanded down so that everything is smooth and the wood exposed. The grooves are carefully sanded and the handrail is perfectly polished. The corners of the stairs and railings are also stripped of their varnish and sanded.

We choose the appropriate type of sanding grit for each step of the sanding process. We then apply a semi-transparent stain (several colors available), then varnish or oil the surfaces. The finishing products used are tested to meet the highest standards of protection.

Staircase sanding

A stairwell includes a staircase connecting several floors or elevations in a residential, commercial or institutional building. Sanding a wooden staircase takes time and requires a high level of expertise to achieve an impeccable result. It is therefore necessary to entrust the task to professionals who are experts in the field. Your stairwell is an important architectural addition that enhances the beauty of your building. Let us sand and varnish it (and stain it, if necessary).

Contact us for staircase and railing sanding

Contact us at 514 507-5530 to have your stair railings and stairs sanded, stained and varnished. The EXP SURFACES team is travelling to all West Island cities to offer you the very best quality work.
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