Hardwood floor repair

We are the experts in hardwood floor repair and refurbishment in the West Island.

Hardwood flooring repair

In Kirkland, as well as in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pointe-Claire and the West Island, EXP SURFACES repairs residential, commercial and institutional hardwood flooring. We repair sand without making dust, varnish and apply stain (if it’s your choice) or hardwood floor oil. We are also refinishing experts for all kinds of prefinished wood floor (solid wood ¾, engineered wood).

We can replace broken or overly wavy slats (the replacement slats will be sanded to match the level of your original floor). We can nail back any slats that have come loose, sand the bumps and remove any unsightly impact marks or scratches. We also repair delaminated slatted flooring. We repair, sand, stain and varnish stair railings and stairs.

We can refurbish any prefinished hardwood flooring surface (solid wood ¾, engineered wood), without sanding it, thanks to our floor refinishing ECO-BUFF process which, we are proud to say, is unique in Canada.

Our team composed of specialists uses the tools and machines recommended to perform fast and flawless floor repair work to our customers’ satisfaction. We are flooring experts and we have the know-how to repair any problem you may have with your floors.

When should hardwood floor repairs be processed?

When your hardwood floor has many years of loyal service and seems to have deteriorated from all angles, you know it's time to refurbish it. We can restore it to its former splendor. You can be sure that a simple dust-free sanding, and a new varnish, will make it look like new and radiant with beauty. That’s what we do every day for our clients.

The wear and tear of time, the moving of furniture, the abrasion created by tiny debris, displaced chairs, small shocks and blows, etc. All of these things damage the varnish and create scratches and discoloration. High-traffic areas (entrances, corridors, etc.) require regular floor maintenance and repairs. Our specialists will take it from there and repair your floors, even replace slats that are badly damaged, split or overly curved, if necessary. It’s never too late to repair a hardwood floor and the result is amazing.

Contact us for floor repairs

Contact us at 514 507-5530 to have your floor repaired or refurbished.
The EXP SURFACES team travels to all West Island cities to restore the brilliance and beauty of your floors.
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