Floor sanding in Mirabel

Get your floor back to its luxurious state with our dust-free sanding services!

In Mirabel and surrounding cities, EXP SURFACES offers dust-free floor sanding and the application of a resistant varnish or oil covered with a protective layer. Our clientele is composed of home and business owners, as well as managers of institutional buildings (schools, museums, libraries, etc.).

EXP SURFACES also offers professional hardwood floor installation services in residential, commercial and institutional settings. Our rigorous techniques comply with building code guidelines. We ensure that each floorboard is installed with great attention to detail.

Sandblasting of a thin layer only...

Our team has 35 years of experience in dust-free floor sanding and finishing to our customers' exact specifications. Since it is possible to refinish a hardwood floor several times during its lifetime, our technicians sand only a very thin layer of its surface. This removes the yellowed varnish and all scratches and dings. We then apply an ecological varnish with a matte, satin or semi-gloss finish, or an oil with a matte finish.

A change of color?

For our customers who want to change the look of their home or business, we can stain the floors in a darker or lighter color. This semi-transparent stain will let the wood patterns show through, while giving it the appearance of a wood species of your choice.

Commercial and institutional buildings

For the rapid sanding of commercial or institutional floors, we use a device that instantly dries and hardens the varnish by diffusing UV rays. The floor surface can be used the same day. Take advantage of it!

Cooling of floors

With its 35 years of experience and its involvement in research and development, EXP SURFACES has become a leader in the floor finishing industry in Canada. In fact, we have created the ECO-BUFF floor refinishing system, which makes it possible to refinish prefinished floors (solid wood ¾, engineered wood or floating floors) without sanding.

These floorboards are coated with a very hard varnish that protects them from yellowing caused by the sun's UV rays, which makes them very difficult to sand. The refreshing system is an inexpensive alternative to sanding to extend the life of your floor.

Contact us for floor sanding in Mirabel

Contact us at (514) 507-5530 to have your hardwood floor sanded or your prefinished floor refreshed (hardwood, engineered wood or floating). The EXP SURFACES team travels to Mirabel, but also to all surrounding cities!
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