Hardwood Flooring

For 35 years, we have been the hardwood floor specialists!

Hardwood flooring professionals

In Kirkland, Pointe-Claire, Dollard-des-Ormeaux and the West Island, EXP SURFACES has offered hardwood flooring installation, sanding and finishing services, as well as refinishing of all types for prefinished wood flooring (solid wood ¾, engineered wood and floating floor). We also repair hardwood floors.

Choosing hardwood floors

An important feature to consider when purchasing hardwood flooring is the hardness of the wood. Janka's hardness test provides information on the hardness level of different hardwood species. Hickory wood is the hardest, followed by maple, white oak and red oak.

Another important consideration before purchasing your hardwood flooring is the look of the chosen species. Do you prefer light, dark, visible wood veins or exotic woods? Would you opt for oiled hardwood flooring to give it a matte finish and bring out all the grain in the wood? Or would you prefer to stain a hardwood species to give it a special color? Would you be more interested in matte, satin or semi-gloss finishes?

Hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring is of incomparable beauty, but it is sensitive to humidity and temperature changes, causing it to swell and shrink. Whereas engineered hardwood is made up of many layers of wood: the top layer is natural wood, the middle layers are made of very hard and stable plywood. Engineered hardwood should therefore be used in homes or buildings where humidity levels change frequently (such as home basements).

Cleaning of a newly varnished hardwood flooring

Do not clean the surface of your freshly varnished hardwood floor with water or detergent for the first week. Clean the floor with a damp cloth or mop only after the varnish has completely cured. After the required week of curing, we recommend the use of our EXP SURFACES Floor Cleaner Spray.

Tips to protect your hardwood flooring

To protect your hardwood flooring and preserve its beauty for years, take the following precautions:

  • 1- Use carpets or mats in front of all entrance doors.
  • 2- Sweep or vacuum daily and then wipe the surface with a mop lightly dampened with EXP SURFACES Floor Cleaner.
  • 3- Use protective pads under the legs of furniture and appliances.
  • 4- Carefully move heavy furniture.
  • 5- Be careful with materials containing plasticizers (underpadding, furniture upholstery, chair wheels, etc.), which can cause the finish to soften and discolor.

Hardwood floor installation, sanding and varnishing

Contact us at 514 507-5530 to have your hardwood floor installed, sanded and/or varnished. The EXP SURFACES team provides complete hardwood floor services to all West Island cities. We offer you the best!
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