Oiled Hardwood Flooring

An oiled hardwood flooring will give your home a natural sophistication and a touch of style.

The charm of oiled hardwood floors

In Pointe-Claire, as well as in Kirkland, Dollard-des-Ormeaux and throughout the West Island, EXP SURFACES offers oiled hardwood floor installation and the revitalization of existing oiled floor. Oiled floor has a genuine, rustic and natural appearance. Hardwood floor oil nourishes, protects and enhances hardwood, bringing out the veins and the dark shades of the wood. The wood's rough appearance and matt finish give it an undeniable richness and charm.

Furthermore, hardwood floor oil (penetrating deep down) gives the wood more strength and stability, while preventing it from deforming. This allows hardwood floors to keep their beauty longer. An oiled floor is highly resistant to temperature variations, to moisture, minor impacts, scratches and cracks. Oiled hardwood floors are environmentally friendly and hardwood floor oils do not affect the quality of the room air as a varnish would.

Oiled floors are easy to clean because dust does not stick to it. When it is soiled, simply use a cleaning product specially designed for oiled floors.

EXP SURFACES uses Vermeister's Pro.Oil protection oil. It’s a vegetable oil-based product formulated to protect hardwood floor and woodwork. Hardwood floor oil penetrates deeply and enhances the characteristic smoothness and warmth of wood, while highlighting its grain. Pro.Oil is then covered with Fix.Oil to increase the resistance.

Oiled hardwood floor revitalization

If you have a hardwood oiled floor that has deteriorated over the years, our team can restore it to its original beautiful appearance. We will begin by thoroughly cleaning it with an oiled hardwood floor cleaner, then we scrub it with an autoscrubber brush. If necessary, we will make targeted repairs to scratches and minor dents (sanding where needed and applying a tint that matches the rest of the slats), before applying hardwood floor oil to the whole floor.

Contact us for an oiled hardwood floor sanding or installation

Contact the oiled hardwood flooring experts at 514 507-5530 for the installation or refurbishing of an oiled hardwood floor, or for the sanding of a varnished floor you want to have oiled. The EXP SURFACES team serves the entire West Island. We offer a free quote!
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