Hardwood Floor Staining

For sanding and staining hardwood floor, we are the specialists to contact.

Hardwood floor staining

In Pointe-Claire, Kirkland, Dollard-des-Ormeaux and throughout the West Island, EXP SURFACES provides hardwood floor staining services in residential, commercial and institutional settings.

Are you looking for a floor stain color that will recreate the exact hue of a traditional or exotic hardwood species? Would you like an absolutely original and stylish shade such as black or green? You will be able to choose the desired color from the many shades offered by Bona, Duraseal and Vermeister manufacturers. You will also be able to choose the desired finish (matte, satin or semi-gloss) on the protective coat that will be applied to the stain.

The advantages of staining hardwood floor

A floor stain provides the wood with oil-like nutrients, while protecting it from scratches and marks. In addition, sanding and staining hardwood floor can enhance the wood's natural beauty while giving it a luxurious appearance.

Indeed, to enhance the style of your home or business, there is no need to renew your furniture or paint the walls: a sanded floor alone, which is then stained with a rich color, will give your home, business or institutional building all its charm and a wow effect. A semi-transparent floor stain gives the wood a deep and intense color, while enhancing the wood's grain and veins. The stain highlights the natural brilliance of the wood and transforms it into a real masterpiece!

Sanding operation before staining hardwood floor

The sanding operation before staining hardwood floor must be more meticulous than when applying a simple varnish. Our technicians are seasoned specialists in sanding before staining hardwood floor. We are well aware of the techniques, tools and equipment used to obtain a finely sanded surface ready for the floor stain. By first taking the time to sand the wood meticulously, we ensure that the final result will be absolutely impeccable.

The various floor stain colors

We use the best semi-transparent floor stains available on the market in terms of quality and color choices (trendy shades adapted to current designs and styles). A number of classic tones are available, as well as original hues that give personality to your floors.

We use the following manufacturers' floor stains:

  • Bona: Bona oil modified floor stains are odorless and non-toxic. They provide a uniform color that enhances the pigmentation and contrasts present in the wood grain. uniforme qui rehausse la pigmentation et les contrastes présents dans le grain du bois.
  • Duraseal: Duraseal floor stain colors are always rich and intense, whether they reproduce classic or exotic wood species. uniforme qui rehausse la pigmentation et les contrastes présents dans le grain du bois.
  • Vermeister: this wood floor stain manufacturer uses green technologies and renewable materials, while offering solvent-free water-based products that have a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content.

Contact us to have your floor stained

Contact us at 514 507-5530 for sanding and staining hardwood floor. The EXP SURFACES team serves all West Island cities to deliver a service that meets your highest expectations.
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